The Sandwich Nazi, about Surrey deli owner Salam Kahil, is now available on Vimeo

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      Have you always wanted to watch the film about Surrey deli owner Salam Kahil but been unable to catch the occasional screening in our region?

      Now's your chance because The Sandwich Nazi can be rented on Vimeo for the modest price of $4.99 or purchased for $12.99.

      In the full-length movie, the art collector and former male escort reveals that he's the least inhibited food vender in the country, talking about everything from blowjobs to his experiences in the sex trade. (In comparison, Patrick Savoie at The Elbow Room Café on Davie Street is positively tame in his banter with customers.)

      The film by Lewis Bennett (with help from Calum MacLeod, Benjamin Taft, and others) was nominated for the Documentary Grand Jury Prize at SXSW. 

      Watch this somewhat profane trailer for The Sandwich Nazi. Warning: it's not suitable for children.

      Back in 2015, the Georgia Straight's Craig Takeuchi reported on a dispute between Kahil, owner of Surrey's La Charcuterie Delicatessen, and Bennett.

      Kahil, an immigrant from Lebanon, claimed that he and the director had a verbal agreement that no money would be made. The deli owner purported that the film was created to inspire people to ovecome their problems.

      Bennett disputed at the time, saying he was clear from the outset that the objective was to have "as many people see it as possible".

      That year things came to a head at a Vancouver International Film Festival screening at the Rio Theatre when Kahil was barred from attending the film.

      "The Sandwich Nazi guy was threatening to disrupt the show and on his social media he was encouraging people to record it," Rio Theatre owner Corrine Lea said at the time.

      But now, that's all in the past. Kahil is doing a roaring business at 19080 96th Avenue in Surrey and the filmmaker, Bennett, has since gone on to make a short documentary called "Say Something Intelligent".

      It's a Vimeo Staff Pick Premiere and you can see it below.

      Take four minutes out of your day and watch Lewis Bennett's "Say Something Intelligent".