Salma Hayek exposes harassment by Harvey Weinstein during filming of Frida

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      In one of the more chilling and disturbing #MeToo stories, actor, producer, and director Salma Hayek has gone public with her experiences with movie producer Harvey Weinstein.

      In a lengthy article in the New York Times, Hayek describes all the times she had to say "no" to Weinstein while working on her landmark film Frida, a biopic about her idol, Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.

      Hayek alleged in the New York Times that she had to say no to "opening the door to him at all hours of the night, hotel after hotel, location after location, where he would show up unexpectedly, including one location where I was doing a movie he wasn't even involved with".

      She had to say no to taking a shower with him, letting him watch her take a shower, letting him give her a massage, letting a naked friend of his give her a massage, letting him give her oral sex, and her getting naked with another woman.

      "And with every refusal came Harvey's Machiavellian rage," Hayek wrote.

      She claimed that Weinstein only allowed her to complete the film if she agreed to do a nude sex scene with another woman.

      Hayek also declared that she wonders today if her friendship with Quentin Tarantino, George Clooney, Robert Rodriquez, and Rodriguez's former wife, Elizabeth Avellán "saved me from being raped".

      In addition, she claimed in the New York Times that Weinstein wanted Frida to go straight to video.

      Frida was a critical and commercial success in the theatres, snaring six Academy Award nominations and winning two Oscars.

      None of Hayek's allegations have been proven in court.