Gillian Anderson confirms her departure from Vancouver-shot X-Files

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      X-Files star Gillian Anderson confirmed that her days of being FBI special agent Dana Scully are over.

      Today (January 10) during the Television Critics Association's winter press tour today, she told reporters that she is grateful for the role but is done with it, thus precluding any future returns.   

      She said that she originally only signed on for the six-episode revival series in 2016. However, she stated that she wouldn't have been happy if those six episodes of their 10th season were their concluding ones.

      In October 2017, she had stated that this season was probably the end of her time with the series but a Fox studio representative later said that her departure had not been confirmed at the time. 

      David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson star on The X-Files.

      Costar David Duchovny said that he would be fine with either continuing on or ending with the current season.

      From Seasons 1 to 7, Duchovny played the role of agent Fox Mulder but after Mulder was abducted by aliens, Duchonvy only appeared intermittently in seasons 8 and 9. Meanwhile, Anderson continued on in those two seasons as new main characters were introduced.

      The original X-Files series ran from 1993 to 2002. It was shot in Vancouver for Seasons 1 to 5 but then relocated to Los Angeles from Seasons 6 to 9.

      The series was brought back to Vancouver to film for Season 10 and 11, which began shooting in 2015.

      Season 11 premiered on January 3.

      Meanwhile, Anderson was honoured with a star dedication ceremony at the Hollywood Walk of Fame on January 8.

      It was the 2,625th star. Duchovny had received a star in 2016.

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