Schitt's Creek star Dan Levy makes a splash Stateside on the Wendy Williams Show

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      While Canada is constantly bombarded with (or, perhaps more accurately, colonized by) U.S. screen entertainment and media, success stories moving in the opposite direction are only true in a limited number of cases.

      What can be a hit on this side of the border may go over the heads of our neighbours to the south. Particularly when it comes to humour.

      So it’s always great to hear when a Canadian TV show has cracked the highly competitive U.S. market.

      Which brings us to our case-in-point: did you know that CBC’s comedy series Schitt’s Creek was picked up by U.S. TV network Pop and has received favourable reviews by U.S. TV critics?

      Schitt's Creek

      And accordingly, Dan Levy, who cocreated the show with his father Eugene Levy and plays the pansexual character David Rose, landed a guest spot on the New York City–based talk show The Wendy Williams Show.

      Levy instantly charmed host Williams, who showered him with compliments and even compared him to the hotness of Rob Lowe.

      Perhaps it was because of his patterned, tight pants that would put Jimmy Fallon to shame? Or Williams' obsession with Levy’s eyebrows? Whatever the case, Williams made it clear that she thinks Levy was the Schitt.

      Check out the video clip, uploaded by Williams' show to YouTube on January 24, below featuring Levy talking about growing up in Canada, being an out and proud gay man (because what is more Canadian than that?), and how the show came to be, thanks in part to the Kardashians and the Real Housewives. Also, take note how the show censors a certain part of the title of Levy’s show.

      While Eugene Levy made his name in the U.S. for his role in the American Pie film series, who knew that Dan Levy was so beloved in the U.S? (Meanwhile, there are probably some Canadians undoubtedly asking, "Wendy who?")

      After making such a good impression on that show, could Levy have some other U.S. talk show appearances in the near future? Considering Levy's taste in fashion, let's hope he has a tight-pants faceoff with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show...