Vancouver's DOXA Documentary Film Festival announces numerous changes, including new programming director

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      Vancouver's annual showcase for documentary films from across the country and around the world, DOXA Documentary Film Festival, is undergoing a period of transition, which includes some changes to its staff.

      After overseeing a period of growth for the festival (which included an expansion to 11 festival days), acting festival director (and former programming director) Dorothy Woodend stepped down from her position on December 31.

      Woodend, who is also a film critic for the Tyee, first began with DOXA as a screening committee member before she joined the board of directors. She became the director of programming in 2010, and then took on the role of acting festival director in 2017.

      Although she is no longer in her previous position, Woodend is not leaving the organization, as she will be continuing on with DOXA as a senior programming advisor for this year's festival.

      “During her tenure, our festival has grown by leaps and bounds, and her vision for the organization has earned us a place of distinction among film festivals around the world," Documentary Media Society board chair Andrea Gin said of Woodend in a news release on February 7.

      Selina Crammond

      Selina Crammond, who has worked on DOXA projects such as Rated Y for Youth and the Justice Forum, will become the next programming director. In addition to programming, she will also be in charge of communications and marketing.

      In addition, DOXA's new business and finance manager will be Atenas Contreras.

      Gin also explained that DOXA, under Woodend's leadership, has spent the last few months restructuring the organization, including a shift to a horizontal management approach that will emphasize collaboration, collectivism, and cooperation.

      This year's festival, which will be the 17th edition and will be programmed by Crammond, will run from May 3 to 13.