Four British Columbians make MasterChef Canada's top 12 for Season 5

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      On April 3, MasterChef Canada revealed the top 12 home cooks for Season 5 and among them are four British Columbian residents.

      Originally from Victoria but currently living in Vancouver is 35-year-old financial advisor and rowing coach Eugene Cheng, whose parents own a restaurant.

      Also from Vancouver is 28-year-old software salesperson Kaegan Donnelly, who hopes to own a brewery that specializes in brunch.

      A third Vancouverite is 39-year-old firefighter Michael Varga, who is particularly interested in Middle Eastern and North African cuisine.

      Also from B.C. is 28-year-old mother Jen Jenkins. Although she lives in Dawson Creek, her hometown is Grande Prairie, Alberta, and she hopes to inspire other mothers to prusue their dreams.

      Michael Varga
      MasterChef Canada

      The next episode will air on CTV on Tuesday (April 10) at 6 p.m. PT. The contestants will face their first mystery box challenge, in which they will have to make a dish using coffee as the main ingredient.

      This season will also feature a Habitat for Humanity challenge (April 17), an art-inspired challenge to serve Group of Seven–themed dishes for Order of Canada recipients (May 15) and an appearance by the cast of Corner Gas Animated (May 22).

      Eugene Cheng
      MasterChef Canada

      Meanwhile, the concurrent online series MasterChef Canada: Redemption will feature eliminated home cooks vying to win a chance to return to the MasterChef Canada competition.

      The cooks are competing for the title and a $100,000 cash prize.

      Kaegan Donnelly
      MasterChef Canada