DOXA 2018 review: Primas


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      Rocío and Aldana are Argentine cousins who both suffered extensive violence in their youth.

      Rocío was kidnapped, raped, and set on fire by an unknown assailant, while Aldana’s father subjected her to several years of sexual abuse. They are bonded by their shared experiences of trauma, but also through the familial support they receive throughout their recovery. Director Laura Bari is revealed to be their aunt, lovingly referred to by the cousins as “Auntie Minou”. Bari films the girls’ everyday lives as they begin to unearth painful, forgotten memories. It is the deep trust felt between the three that allows Rocío and Aldana to cry openly in front of the camera while they retell these events. The girls also learn to heal through their shared passion for the theatre and dance. They travel to Montreal to perform. During their performance, both girls draw upon their experiences, incorporating them into powerful monologues and choreography. Through their immeasurable bravery, these teens demonstrate that healing starts from within and that self-discovery is best accomplished through the arts.