Last remaining Vancouver home cook on MasterChef Canada's Season 5 to vie for final top three

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      After one of the remaining two B.C. home cooks lost a spot on Season 5 of MasterChef Canada, the last B.C. competitor will have a chance to become one of the top three finalists.

      The season began in April with four competitors from B.C. However, Jen Jenkins from Dawson Creek and Michael Varga from Port Moody were both previously eliminated.

      On May 29, another B.C. home cook joined them in departing from the MasterChef kitchen.

      After Vancouver software sales representative Keagan Donnelly made a comeback into the competition, he has been eliminated for a second time.

      Kaegan Donnelly's grilled chicken breast with pancetta and micro greens

      Donnelly had won back a spot back on the show after winning the digital series MasterChef Canada: Redemption (which included facing off against Varga).

      However, after undergoing a macaron-based elimination challenge in the main series, Donnelly became the eighth home cook to leave the show. 

      “Sometimes you’ve gotta learn to just be a bit humble," Donnelly stated in a CTV interview after his elimination. "I know that in the heat of the moment I was a bit too confident… but staying humble is important. But on the bright side, I’m much cleaner now when I cook at home than I was on the show—which my boyfriend loves.”

      Eugene Cheng
      MasterChef Canada

      Among the remaining five home cooks is one last finalist from B.C.: Eugene Cheng, a financial advisor and rowing coach from Vancouver.

      In the next episode, which will air on CTV on June 5, the cooks will be required to rework their signature ingredient from their audition, former MasterChef winners will make appearance, and not one but two cooks will be eliminated in order to determine the final top three.

      Eugene Cheng's chirashi don