Seth Rogen reveals Vancouver transit riders' grossest habit on Jimmy Fallon show

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      If you've ever taken Vancouver transit, you're well aware of things that transit riders do that annoy other passengers. There's everything from not moving to the back of the bus to taking up seat space with a bag. (These are all regularly documented in the Georgia Straight's Confessions section by readers.)

      These bad habits have all been addressed in TransLink public-service announcements that periodically play on speakers on the bus and SkyTrain.

      But the automated voice that usually delivers these messages was recently replaced by Vancouver-bred Hollywood star Seth Rogen. (He has since also become the voice of Toronto public transit as well.)

      When Rogen went for a visit on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, he discussed the guest gig (along with a mention about being added to Canada's Walk of Fame, along with his comedy partner Evan Goldberg).

      And he mentioned one of the most off-putting, not to mention unhygienic, habits that Vancouver transit riders have—and expressed surprise at even having to ask riders not to do so. It involves nails. And not the type that require hammers. Watch for yourself in the video below (the Vancouver transit references begin just prior to the 2:30 mark). 

      But perhaps it would've been more appropriate if Rogen made the reveal on one of Fallon's EW! segments which he once appeared on?