VIFF 2018: All Good


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      The common German phrase “Alles ist gut” is Janne’s mantra as she tries to move on from a sexual assault that happens after a drunken high-school reunion.

      But the violation, shot in detached banality on an apartment floor, starts to catch up with her—especially at work, when she has to see her boss’s brother-in-law, the awkward, somewhat remorseful perpetrator. Eva Trobisch’s striking first feature asserts itself as one of several strong explorations of sexual harassment hitting VIFF at this #MeToo moment. And it goes beyond headlines and into the real nuances of assault. In Aenne Schwarz’s subtle hands, you can see a woman putting on a strong, assured front, but also the all-too-human self-doubt that starts to nag at her. Did she misconstrue what happened? Did she give in too easily? They’re questions that are unfounded but all too familiar to women everywhere—and they begin to unravel her marriage, her career, and her world.