Movies tip sheet: European Union Film Festival

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      The European Union Film Festival rolls into its second week at the Cinematheque with a whack of great titles. Here are just a few.


      The Line

      With all eyes on Ukraine, this award-winning crime family saga set on the border with Slovakia arrives with timely mojo. Screens Friday (November 30).


      Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe

      The inspiration for Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, author Stefan Zweig is the subject of this somewhat less fanciful biopic and Austrian Oscar entry. Screens Saturday (December 1).


      The Pagan King

      A huge hit in Latvia, this historical epic is about real 13th-century pagans confronting the Northern Crusades, not those idiots who went and got tattoos in the ’90s. Screens Sunday (December 2).


      Rusty Boys

      Old men behaving very badly is the theme of this raucous comedy from Luxembourg, which also takes a few swipes at the country’s iniquitous banking system. Screens Monday (December 3).



      Bulgaria’s official submission to the 2019 Oscars concerns a man who, in the midst of trying to catch a thief, gets a little too much into his security cameras. Screens Tuesday (December 4).