Fangoria takes a chainsaw to the wimps at the Academy

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      If you're a movie buff you may have heard that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences released its list of nominees for this year's Oscars today.

      And if you're a horror movie buff you may have heard that we got burned once again, people.

      Toni Collette (above) was amazing in the supernaturally unsettling freakshow known as Hereditary, right? Well, she's nowhere to be seen on the ballot.

      And what about Emily Blunt, who killed it as a pregnant mother trying to keep her children silent (and therefore alive) in the tense AF A Quiet Place? Where's her best actress nod?

      And I haven't seen it yet, but I heard that Nicolas Cage--yep, the same guy that was in Ghost Rider--delivered the performance of his life in Vancouver director Panos Cosmatos's bloody revenge flick Mandy, to no avail.

      Even though last year the hoity-toity Hollywood types came down off their high horse long enough to show some love for Jordan Peele's Get Out--and showered Guillermo Del Toro's overrated creature flick The Shape of Water with awards--the Academy is normally notorious for ignoring scary movies at trophy time. The good news is, recently resurrected horror mag Fangoria has something called the Chainsaw Awards that'll help even up the score.

      If you click right about here you can vote for your fave fright flicks in several categories, including Best Makeup FX, Best Streaming-Premiere Movie, and Best Creature FX.

      Not to mention Best Kill.

      Don't ask me how Overlord got nominated along with Hereditary and A Quiet Place in Best Wide-Release Movie though. Had to be the gore, I guess.