The Lions on Vancouver's North Shore: Canadiana episode explores story of original Indigenous name

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      Do you know the original name of the North Shore's twin peaks known as the Lions? Or did you even know that they had a name other than that?

      If not (or even if you do), a recently released episode of a Canadian history web series explores the stories behind the name—and renaming.

      The web series Canadiana, hosted by historian Adam Bunch, delves into little-known or hidden historical stories from different parts across the nation, shattering myths and misconceptions along the way.

      Season 2 of the series launched with an episode devoted to a Vancouver-based story that many locals may not even be aware of.


      The famous peaks on the North Shore now known as the Lions went on to inspire the identities for the B.C. Lions, Lions Gate Bridge, and several local companies or organizations.

      However, that moniker erased the original Indigenous name that it was known by for hundreds of years—the Two Sisters, which came from a First Nations legend—along with countless other Indigenous place names that were replaced with colonial ones across the country.

      In episode 1 of Season 2 of Canadiana, Bunch reveals the historical stories and facts behind the name, including how the development of Vancouver displaced First Nations people and the unfortunate naming of Capilano Lake.

      Previous episodes from Season 1 cover stories from Victoria, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, and other Canadian cities, and more about the series can be found at their website