With baby number three on the way, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are raising some Deadpool-ish kids

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      While fans were disappointed that Blake Lively and Vancouver’s Ryan Reynolds didn’t appear at the 2019 Met Gala last night (May 6), there was a certain reason for their absence.

      Blake Lively revealed that she and husband Ryan Reynolds are expecting their third child when she appeared on the red carpet with a baby bump for the premiere for Reynolds’ latest film, Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, on May 2.

      The couple already have two daughters and from the sounds of it, they’re growing up to be as bad-ass as their father, otherwise known as Deadpool.

      In an interview on Live With Kelly and Ryan on May 3, Reynolds talked about how his daughters, particularly 2-year-old Inez, are drawn to knives and villains. And how Inez was the only one in their family who got a secondary security pat-down when she went through customs at the airport.

      However, let’s hope that his children don’t have to undergo what Reynolds had to contend with when he was growing up here in Vancouver.

      Back on March 6, Reynolds posted on Instagram a clipping from a Vancouver newspaper that published a photo of him at age 3 at the Kitsilano Community Centre wading pool. For some inexplicable reason, the photo caption included the address of his home.

      Reynolds commented “I think it’s smart they discontinued the “wanna know where this child lives?” section” and hashtagged it #holyshit.

      He chatted about it on May 3 on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in which he imagined what the editorial staff were saying when they saw the photo: “Okay, guys, we have a semi-nude vulnerable 3-year-old boy,” he joked. “The only thing that’s gonna make this better—let’s let ‘em know where he lives.” 

      Despite that childhood security threat, Reynolds managed to grow up alright...or did he? Then again, perhaps that's why he's raising his kids to be as capable of handling any situation as the Merc with the Mouth is.