Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival returns with selection of 10 inspiring movies

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      The 13th annual returns to Vancouver from June 21 to 25 at the Vancouver International Film Centre. Now the largest film festival of its kind in North America, it still remains committed to its original mandate of providing a cultural bridge between Canada and Taiwan through the art of cinema.

      For more than a decade, the festival has given Vancouver audiences a glimpse of the culture, history, and scenery of the beautiful East Asian island nation. From its breathtaking landscapes to the glamorous urban life, from its finest cuisines to its night market street foods—the festival showcases Taiwan in a selection of compelling and inspiring movies that encourage intercultural exchange.

      This year’s festival features 10 specially chosen films that make us consider our guardianship roles in life. All of the films in this year’s festival hope to inspire us to protect our dreams, our environment, our culture, and our people—all for the betterment of the world. 

      , which tells the story of Xiao Lu, a passionate antiplastic activist who finds herself conflicted in trying to find a balance between the tourism that drives the local economy and marine conservation.

      Lost Black Cats: 35th Squadron
      Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival

      Or for those who like action, , which is considered the best Taiwanese kung fu film of the past decade, should not be missed.

      Late Life: the Chien-Ming Wang Story
      Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival

      There will also be the chance to see the award-winning about three generations of the Tang family as they deal with high-ranking politicians and the murder of their family friends.

      TWFF offers the opportunity to see a wide variety of films. From the stylistic experimental mockumentary  to a true story about the indigenous Tao Tribe on Orchid Island, , to the heartwarming family film and the mystery crime drama .

      Our Youth in Taiwan
      Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival

      Like in the past, several of these films will also be followed with question-and-answer sessions with actors and directors who have travelled from Taiwan. After enjoying the movies, the audience can take part in panel discussions and further reflect on different aspects of Taiwan portrayed in the films.

      The Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival will be held from June 21 to June 25 at the Vancouver International Film Centre (1181 Seymour Street). Tickets start at $13 and .