13 horror flicks streaming on Netflix Canada now

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      Halloween is fast approaching, so maybe it's time to settle in and watch a scary movie or two.

      I've reviewed quite a few horror flicks over the years, so here's a list of a lucky 13 that are currently streaming on Netflix Canada.

      Take advantage of the straightforward ranking system based on my personal opinion: GOOD, SO-SO, BAD.

      Crawl (2019): "As he did with his remake of The Hills Have Eyes, director Alexandre Aja cranks the tension up to 10, and the two stars gamely embrace the pain and suffering of their do-or-die roles. All in all, Crawl is a hoot for horror fans, although I doubt it'll impress the Everglades Tourism Board much." GOOD

      Final Destination 5 (2011): "Though not a great horror film by any means, Final Destination 5 succeeds as a comedic splatter fest solely by sticking to Stephen King’s old motto: 'If in doubt, gross ’em out'.” SO-SO.
      Ouiji (2014) "First-time director Stiles White kills a ton of time filming the photogenic teens creeping ever-so-slowly up dingy staircases to the tedious strains of a generic scary-movie soundtrack." BAD.
      Hereditary (2018): “With so much real-life emotional torment going on, by the time Hereditary’s supernatural set pieces arrive you’ve already been horrified to the max. The wrath of Satan seems pretty tame compared to the suffering that damaged family members can inflict on one another.” GOOD.

      The Girl With All the Gifts (2017): "The Girl With All the Gifts strives to bring some genuine emotion and tenderness to the zombie genre, but it keeps sabotaging itself with overly saccharine scenes and goofy one-liners." SO-SO.

      The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006): "The rest of the film is all about how many victims Leatherface can skewer with his roaring woodcutter. Here’s a clue: you can count them on one hand, if only two fingers have been severed and made into soup." BAD.

      The Shallows (2016): “Things go beyond ridiculous when it comes to the shark’s vindictive mindset, but they got that way in Jaws too, you may recall, and nobody whined about it much.” GOOD.
      The Strangers: Prey at Night (2018): "The moral of the story is not to take your loved ones for granted, I guess. Love them as much as you can before they get pinned inside a pickup by a chunk of wood in their gut and left at the mercy of an icepick-wielding sicko with a sack over his head." SO-SO.
      Evil Dead (2013) “In memory of beloved horror-booster Roger Ebert I’m gonna give it one hideously mangled tongues-up.” GOOD.
      The Boy (2016): "In the realm of creepy-doll flicks, nothing tops Magic, director Richard Attenborough’s riveting 1978 adaptation of William Goldman’s novel about a psychotic ventriloquist. Compared to it, movies like The Boy are kids’ stuff." SO-SO.

      The Roommate (2011): "The eye-candy factor intensifies with some lightweight girl-on-girl interaction, and there’s the obligatory cat fight, if you’re into that sort of thing. But it’s hardly worth sticking around for the routine climax of this toothless thriller just to see the ocular sweets get all chewed up and mangled." BAD.
      Crimson Peak (2015): "[Guillermo] Del Toro–who won over discerning horror fans with the Spanish-language Cronos and The Devil’s Backbone before hitting it big in 2006 with his dark fable Pan’s Labyrinth–pulls out all the freaky visual stops." GOOD.
      The Woman in Black (2012): "The Woman in Black is creepy enough to recommend to long-suffering horror fans who are due for an old-fashioned respite from the gory, hyperactive shockfests of today." GOOD.