VIFF 2019: Water Over Glass


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      Hey, it’s a head film! Four experimental filmmakers apply image to Jason Zumpano’s Cyrillic Typewriter project of free floating soundtrack music, pitched somewhere between Philip Glass and spaced-out Bernard Hermann. End credits declare this is “Based on a story” by the Vancouver-based musician-composer—and he tells the Straight that, “There really is a story (a simple one) they had to adhere to and interpret"—although viewers will be rewarded whether they can extract a narrative from its somnambulant passages or not. Naturally, results vary over a mostly intriguing 40 minutes, with Amanda Thomson’s “Dream Maze” getting things off to an appropriately hypnotic start, Zoe Kirk-Gushowaty's "Melt" making faintly sinister use of splitscreen, and Jimi Pantalon’s animated "Blue Thread" coming on like a lost 10 minutes from 1973’s Fantastic Planet, only freakier.

      Time your edibles right.