Vancouver-shot family comedy Playing With Fire spends over $19.5 million in B.C.

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      Your parents may have warned you about playing with fire but when it comes to the movies, it can sometimes be quite profitable. That was the case with a recent Hollywood film shot in British Columbia.

      The Motion Picture Association—Canada (MPA-Canada) released data today (November 8) that revealed the economic impact that the family comedy Playing With Fire, which filmed in Metro Vancouver from February 9 to March 29, had on the province.  

      The movie stars John Cena, Keegan-Michael Key, and John Leguizamo as a group of firefighters who rescue three children who are separated from their parents and wind up having to take care of them.

      According to MPA-Canada, production for the Paramount Pictures feature film Playing With Fire spent over $19.5 million in the province.  

      Over $12 million was spent on employing B.C. labour, which included over 630 local cast and crew members. Among them were production designer Brent Thomas, set decorator Zoe Jirik, and costume designer Monique Prudhomme.

      Meanwhile, over $7.5 million was spent on B.C. goods and services, including over $400,000 on food and catering; $439,000 on hardwood and lumber supplies; $166,000 on wardrobe; $332,000 on location fees and permits; and $250,000 on hotels and lodging.

      The film has its theatrical release today (November 8).