Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds costar in SNL monologue and in future Christmas movie bought by Apple

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      Will Ferrell got sidetracked by an audience member shortly after he began his monologue last night on Saturday Night Live.

      And what ensued was hysterically funny.

      "Excuse me, you look a lot like Ryan Reynolds," Ferrell said, pointing a man in the crowd.

      "Yeah, I get that a lot," the man replied.

      "Is it you?" Ferrell asked.

      "Yes, it's me," Reynolds confessed.

      "Oh wow. Okay, cool. Welcome to the show," Ferrell said.

      "Thank you, I'm a big fan," Reynolds responded.

      "A big fan of me?" Ferrell asked.


      "Okay, fine, I didn't know you were going to be here," Ferrell said in a giddy tone. "So, where were we. Uhm...."

      Then Ferrell started laughing to himself, clearly pleased that the Vancouver-born and -raised Reynolds told him that he was a fan.

      "Uh, I can't believe you're here," Ferrell said. "God, Ryan Reynolds is there. Yeah. Cool. Cool. Sorry. You good?"

      At this point, Reynolds appeared a little rattled over all of Farrell's attention on him.

      "Yes, I'm good. I'm just here to enjoy the show."

      "Yeah, of course," Ferrell said. "Sorry, okay."

      Then Ferrell, a seven-year former SNL cast member, started flubbing his lines before looking at Reynolds and asking "is it really you?"

      "Yes, it's me," Reynolds responded.

      "And you came to the show because...?"

      "To see you," Reynolds said. "Like I said, we're big fans. So..."

      "We're? Like, like we? Who's we?" Farrell asked.

      "My wife and I."

      "You mean Blake Lively?"

      "Yes," Reynolds said.

      "And she's watching too?"

      "Yeah, she's at home, yeah," Reynolds said.

      "And she likes me too?" Ferrell queried.

      "Probably more than me," Reynolds confessed, showing a bit of exasperation.

      At that a point, a gleeful Ferrell started repeating in a British accent "that's not too shabby."

      Then he stared intensely at Reynolds.

      "Will, you've got to stop looking at me," Reynolds said.

      "Is it too much?"

      "Yes, a little too much, yeah."

      After Ferrell focused even more attention on him, Reynolds plaintively asked "can you just pretend I'm not here?"

      "It's too late," Ferrell responded. "I'm locked in. It's like the rest of the audience has disappeared."

      "Will, just do the monologue!" Reynolds said.

      "No, the monologue is terrible."

      Then Ferrell switched into a Tracy Morgan voice.

      When Reynolds asked why, Ferrell said that he always talks like Morgan when he gets nervous. It even happened on his wedding day, Ferrell claimed.

      "I just wanted to enjoy the show," Reynolds said. "Can you please stop addressing me?"

      At that point, Morgan walked onto the stage, shouting at Reynolds that this was Will Ferrell and he can do whatever he wants to do.

      "I suckled from his comedy bosom," Morgan declared. "Like a young Luke Skywalker, it filled me with strength."

      Then, as the monologue neared its end, Morgan, also a seven-year former SNL cast member, told Ferrell "if you talk like me, I'm going to bust your ass."

      "As you should," Ferrell replied.

      This won't be the only time that Ferrell and Reynolds will appear together.

      Last month, Variety reported that Apple has acquired a new live-action musical version of A Christmas Carol, starring Reynolds and Ferrell.

      "Reynolds and Ferrell stand to make staggering amounts as producers and stars, along with significant paydays for writer-directors Sean Anders and John Morris (“Daddy’s Home,” “Instant Family”)," Variety's Matt Donnelly wrote. "Fees for talent alone will clock in at north of $60 million, according to numerous insiders."