Pre-Show host Tanner Zipchen canned by Cineplex

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      Anyone who spends time in movie theatres in English-speaking Canada has probably seen Tanner Zipchen.

      That's because he's been hosting the Pre-Show on-screen at Cineplex outlets since winning a contest to do this in 2015.

      But today, the former Saskatoon DJ announced over Twitter that he's been bounced off the country's movie screens.

      "Thank you for all the love and support over the years, especially those who've been with me since the voting days," Zipchen wrote. "It's been an honour being a part of your group hangouts, date nights, & family outings."

      The Pre-Show features behind-the-scenes interviews with movie stars and contests, and it's a significant revenue generator for Cineplex.

      In a 2019 Postmedia article, Zipchen talked about his passion for film dating back to his younger days.

      “I would be at the theatre all the time and back in the Blockbuster days, there was a point in my life where I think I had seen every movie at Blockbuster,” he said. “Every new release, I was caught up. Movies would hit Blockbuster and I would go out and rent all the new ones — and then I’d wait for the next week. I don’t know whether that means I didn’t have friends or a life, maybe that reflects on that, but I did watch a lot of movies.”

      Last month, Toronto-based Cineplex announced that it will be bought by U.K.-based Cineworld Group in a deal valued at $2.8 billion.

      In a news release last month, Cineplex CEO Ellis Jacob said that the company will continue to support the Canadian entertainment industry.