Vancouver film and TV productions on hold during COVID-19 pandemic

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      While many Canadians are turning to home screens for entertainment as many activities and events are being cancelled during the COVID-19 pandemic, home entertainment, in addition to theatrical releases, isn’t exempt from potential disruptions due to the outbreak.

      Numerous TV and film productions are shutting down in Vancouver as precautions against the novel coronavirus outbreak.

      Consequently, TV viewers could potentially experience delays down the road during the broadcast of some shows that are currently being aired, depending on how long these suspensions will last.

      The Netflix series Riverdale previously halted production due to an individual on set being in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19.

      By March 13, Netflix had shut down all productions in Canada and the U.S. for a minimum of two weeks. In Vancouver, the affected productions include an untitled Sandra Bullock movie (on hiatus until March 30) and Season 2 of the science-fiction series Another Life.

      Warner Bros. Television Group announced on March 13 that it was shutting down all of its productions (over 70 projects), including several Vancouver-filmed series including Batwoman, Supergirl (which was scheduled to film Season 5 until March 17), The Flash, and the TV pilot for a Kung Fu reboot.

      Production on the CW’s Supernatural, shooting its 15th and final season, has been suspended while the new Superman and Lois series, scheduled to start shooting on March 23, has been postponed. 

      Meanwhile among the numerous U.S. productions on hold, American talk shows have also announced that they have suspended production, including The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jimmy Kimmey Live, The Wendy Williams Show, The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, and Late Night With Seth Meyers

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