Vancouver International Film Festival 2014 review guide

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      If there have been some notable changes to the 33rd edition of the Vancouver International Film Festival—there isn’t a single scrap of celluloid coming to VIFF this year, and how about the streamlined new program guide?—the quality and variety of material on offer clearly haven’t been affected. Vancouver can look forward to more than 200 features from 63 countries this time out, including 32 world premieres.

      VIFF 2014 runs from September 25 to October 10, but the Straight’s reviews start right here, right now.

      24 Days (France)  

      52 Tuesdays (Australia) 

      Above Us All (Netherlands/Belgium)

      Advanced Style (USA)  

      Alleluia (Belgium/France) 

      Art and Craft (USA)

      Asteroid (Mexico) 

      August Winds (Brazil)  

      Before the Last Curtain Falls (Belgium/Germany/Canada)  

      Behavior (Cuba)

      Black Coal, Thin Ice (China)

      Blind Massage (China)

      Bloody Knuckles (Canada)  

      The Boy and the World (Brazil) 

      The Boy From Geita (Canada) 

      Boychoir (USA)

      Casa Grande (Brazil)  

      Challat of Tunis (Tunisia/France/Canada) 

      Charlie's Country (Australia)

      Class Enemy (Slovenia)  

      Clownwise (Czech Republic/Finland/Luxembourg/Slovakia)  

      Come to My Voice (Turkey/France/Germany)  

      Coming Home (China)

      A Corner of Heaven (China)

      A Dangerous Game (U.K.) 

      The Decent One (Israel/Austria/Germany)  

      Disconcerto (Japan)

      Dominguinhos (Brazil)  

      The Editor (Canada)  

      Elephant Song (Canada)

      Emergency/Response (Canada)  

      Everything Will Be (Canada)

      An Eye for Beauty (Canada)

      The Face of an Angel (UK)

      Field of Dogs (Poland/Switzerland/Italy)

      Fish & Cat (Iran)  

      Flowing Stories (France/Hong Kong)  

      Force Majeure (Sweden)

      The Gambler (Lithuania/Latvia)  

      The Golden Era (Hong Kong)

      Handmade With Love in France (France)  

      History of Fear (Argentina)  

      Hope and Wire (New Zealand) 

      The Horses of Fukushima (Japan)  

      Housebound (New Zealand)  

      How I Came to Hate Maths (France)

      Ilya and Emilia Kabakov: Enter Here (USA)  

      In Search of Chopin (U.K.)

      The Incident (Mexico)  

      The Infinite Man (Australia)  

      Jalanan (Indonesia/Canada)  

      Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story (Canada)  

      Lakshmi (India)

      Listen Up Philip (USA)  

      Living is Easy With Eyes Closed (Spain)  

      Looking For Light: Jane Brown (U.K.)  

      Marinoni (Canada)  

      Marmato (Colombia/USA)

      Martin’s Pink Pickle (Canada)  

      Mercedes Sosa: The Voice Of Latin America (Argentina)  

      Miraculum (Canada)

      Miss and the Doctors (France)

      Miss Hill: Making Dance Matter (USA)

      My Name is Salt (Switzerland)  

      Nas: Time is Illmatic (USA)  

      New Boobs (Netherlands)

      Of Horses and Men (Iceland/Germany)  

      The Owners (Kazakhstan) 

      The Past Is a Grotesque Animal (USA) 

      The Princess of France (Argentina)  

      The Pristine Coast (Canada)  

      Queen and Country (U.K.) 

      Red Knot (USA/Argentina)

      Reel Youth Film Festival (International)

      Regarding Susan Sontag (USA)  

      The Riot Club (U.K.)

      Rocks In My Pockets (USA/Latvia)  

      The Rooftops (Algeria/France) 

      Sacro GRA (Italy/France)  

      Sharing (Japan)  

      Something Must Break (Sweden) 

      Songs She Wrote About People She Knows (Canada)  

      The Sun, the Moon, and the Hurricane (Indonesia)

      Tales (Iran)  

      That’ll Leave a Mark (Canada)

      Trespassing Bergman (Sweden/France) 

      Two Step (USA)  

      Una Vida: A Fable of Music and the Mind (USA) 

      The Vancouver Asahi (Japan/Canada)  

      Violent (Canada/Norway)  

      Waiting For August (Belgium/Romania)  

      Walking Under Water (Poland/Germany/U.K.) 

      We Both Go Down Together (Canada)  

      The Well (USA)

      What Are We Doing Here? (Canada) 

      White Bird in a Blizzard (USA)  

      Wild (USA)

      Wild Tales (Argentina/Spain)

      The Womb (Peru)  

      Yakona (USA) 




      Sep 18, 2014 at 2:22pm

      compared to TIFF, VIFF blows...what a joke.

      Graeme McRanor

      Sep 25, 2014 at 3:55pm

      ^ That's the spirit.