DOXA Documentary Film Festival 2013: Nigel Moore Award for Youth Programming

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      The Rated Y for Youth school outreach program is now in its fifth year at the DOXA Documentary Film Festival, and there's a new addition to it this year.

      The inaugural Nigel Moore Award for Youth Programming, created by DOXA and Nigel's parents (Rex and Laura Moore), will be presented to help encourage voices for youth in film.

      Nigel was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer, in July 2011. After a brave battle, he passed away on August 25, 2012, at the age of 16.

      Nigel was a film-lover who attended DOXA with his mother Laura (of the Georgia Straight). Laura says that he was particularly fond of films that educated people and had social meaning. She adds that Nigel was a deep thinker with a social conscience who was fascinated with world history, geography, culture, and travel. He questioned and was troubled by many of the social problems in the world, and his parents felt that DOXA represents the characteristics that made Nigel think and challenge himself.

      A youth jury, featuring two high-school students (who were friends with Nigel) and two university or college students, will select a film from the program that best reflects the ideals that Nigel strove to embody: compassion, social engagement, and spirit.

      This year's Rated Y for Youth program includes documentaries about:

      • Chinese migrant workers (The Mosuo Sisters)
      • the Occupy movement (Occupy the Movie by Vancouver director Corey Ogilvie)
      • a program of short films from the Netherlands and Poland about differences (Empathy: Pass It On)
      • two young Scots who fake their way into hip-hop stardom (The Great Hip-Hop Hoax)
      • animals used for research (The Ghosts in Our Machine)

      For more details about these films as well as the award, visit the DOXA website.

      The award is the first of several community-oriented initiatives by the Moores that are being established to honour Nigel.

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