The Georgia Straight’s guide to DOXA Documentary Film Festival 2015

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      The 14th DOXA Documentary Film Festival (April 30 to May 10) connects the dots between Greenpeace, the Straight, and the world's toughest milkman. Before you head out to the festival, check out our interviews with filmmakers along with dozens of capsule reviews to help you pick which films to take in.

      DOXA Documentary Film Festival Capsule Reviews

      Movie Reviews

      Florence, Arizona

      The numbers that inspired Florence, Arizona promise a fascinating case study of the United States’ prison industrial complex.

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      Kings of Nowhere

      Haunting, beautiful scenes of a Mexican ghost town fill this Betzabé Garcίa documentary about the community of San Marcos in Sinaloa.

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      The fact that Monsterman has been disowned by its main subject speaks volumes about the footage captured by director Antti Haase.

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      Stories of Our Lives

      With an artful and intimate touch, director Jim Chuchu beautifully gives voice to the lives of gay and lesbian Kenyans in this omnibus film.