DOXA 2015 review: Kings of Nowhere

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      Haunting, beautiful scenes of a Mexican ghost town fill this Betzabé Garcίa documentary about the community of San Marcos in Sinaloa.

      A man in a cowboy hat rides a horse slowly past the dilapidated remains of houses, eroded by flooding after the construction of a dam nearby. Young members of a brass band play horns and makeshift drums amid the muddy landscape of a town that was once home to about 300 people. A couple dance in the light of their front porch, surrounded by the darkness and silence of a deserted neighbourhood. 

      This fascinating movie tells the story of the three families who continue to live in the abandoned village, despite the encroaching threat of violence in the state.

      “There’s lots of history here,” says one former resident as he paddles a boat across the submerged portion of San Marcos, recounting the memories of this eerie and mesmerizing place.

      Vancity, May 6 (8:45 p.m.)