DOXA 2015 review: Stories of Our Lives

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      With an artful and intimate touch, director Jim Chuchu beautifully gives voice to the lives of gay and lesbian Kenyans in this omnibus film, shot in black-and-white.

      Themes range from the familiar to the culturally specific. There’s betrayal: a high-school lesbian couple is divided by societal pressures; unrequited love: a gay man falls for a straight best friend; gay-bashing: buddies turn into enemies when one visits a gay club; interracial issues: a Kenyan researcher hooks up with a white male sex-worker for the first time; and persecution: a lesbian couple fantasizes about how to deal with an encroaching LGBT witch-hunt.

      While some stories may be predictable or lack an adequate denouement, they all remind viewers of the ominpresent struggles that queer Kenyans call daily life.

      Vancity, May 9 (9:15 p.m.) 

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