DOXA 2015 review: Hit 2 Pass

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      It takes a certain perverse genius to turn a demolition-derby car race into an infuriating art-house abstraction. Mission accomplished in the flat-out maddening Hit 2 Pass, which suggests an Emily Carr University project gone horribly wrong. Director Kurt Walker seems to be aiming for some grand pronouncements on bonding, small-town life, and storytelling, setting all this against Hit to Pass, an annual car-race-with-crashes event in the hellish-looking town of Prince George. Hit 2 Pass is 74 minutes of grainy, poorly lit footage of hosers working on cars, drawn-out stationary shots of beat-up houses and chainlink fences, images of small children toting cameras they have no idea how to use, and a left-field interview that’s not going to make anyone forget the films of Errol Morris. In the end, you’ve got a self-indulgent cinematic car crash that, unintentionally, is a bigger wreck than anything you’ll ever see on a demolition-derby racetrack in Prince George.

      Vancity, May 9 (7:15 p.m.)