Sexcula set to screen in Vancouver

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      The only triple-X feature to be made in Vancouver during the golden period of ’70s adult cinema gets its first local screening in 40 years at the Vancity Theatre on Friday (October 25). Produced by a building contractor looking to take advantage of the era’s tax-credit program, Sexcula (yes, that’s right, Sexcula) was shown once here in 1974—illegally, since it was porn—before disappearing inside a vault at Archives Canada.

      Rumour has it that the horror-sex farce was shot by the same crew that made the original TV series The Littlest Hobo. There are some 280 production stills that only add to the film’s various mysteries. Why, for instance, are the sound and camera guys naked?

      “I’m not sure where that came in,” said local film historian Dimitrios Otis, who helped resurface Sexcula along with Canuxploitation webmaster Paul Corupe and who plans to display the pictures prior to the screening.”There are a number of things that do come out in the photos that tell a story that’s contrary to other things.”

      Another rumour claims that the film’s female lead, Jamie Orlando (playing Dr. Fallatingstein), was too repulsed by costar John Alexander to perform more than a limp kiss in the final scene. “But the on-set photos clearly show that they did shoot [sex] footage,” Otis said. “They’re in bed, but we don’t know why it wasn’t included. It’ll remain a mystery until we locate some of these people.”

      For those who might think a dirty-movie night at the city’s film centre sounds a little unseemly, Sexcula is screening in Paris later in the year.