VIFF 2015: Aaaaaaaah! provides many delicious moments

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      Aaaaaaaah! (U.K.)

      The conceit in this much-buzzed-about U.K. effort might be a little slight—nonverbal humans behave like apes, thus commenting on the thin veneer of civilization, yada yada—but writer-director-star Steve Oram (Sightseers) provides so many delicious moments of passing Dadaism that it all works beautifully. A fully game cast sure helps, ’80s new wave crumpet Toyah Willcox among them. (Her hubby, Robert Fripp, supplies the soundtrack.)

      Julian Barratt takes the film’s most affecting role as Jupiter, a former alpha male banished to his rainy South London garden by the younger and more ruthless chimps in his household. An unforgettable cameo by Barratt’s Mighty Boosh partner, Noel Fielding, will forever haunt anyone who owns a penis.

      I realize it’s all a big lark—in this world, ritual cannibalism is what separates us from the animals—but I could very easily imagine going ape as a faddish new form of therapy.