VIFF 2015: Hilda is a quiet, effective thriller

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      Hilda (Mexico)  

      Susana, a neglected, affluent Mexican housewife desperate for emotional support, becomes inappropriately dependent upon Hilda, her new nanny and maid. As Susana becomes increasingly controlling, Hilda’s secretive, taciturn ways become just as curious as Susana’s erratic behaviour.

      The film excels more as a quiet thriller and class commentary than a psychological profile, following Susana’s deterioration as she longs to reconnect with the spark of her student activist days.

      A mesmerizing illustration of how luxury can turn people into the living dead.

      International Village, September 27 (11 a.m.) and October 5 (4:15 p.m.); Rio, October 7 (6:30 p.m.) 

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