Unlikable people do stupid things in Three Night Stand

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      Starring Sam Huntington and Emmanuelle Chriqui. Rating not available. In English and French with English subtitles.

      Unlikable people do stupid things in Three Night Stand, an underhyphenated rom-com that’s neither sexy nor funny, even if the Quebec settings are pretty sweet.

      Carl and Sue (Sam Huntington and Meaghan Rath, uncharismatic veterans of the series Being Human) are married Montrealers who don’t like, let alone love, each other. They kvetch, nag, and F-bomb each other randomly even when in a good mood. Pushing 30, they remain strangers, as proved on their fifth anniversary, spent at a ski lodge in the wintry Laurentians—an event that would be strained even if the inn weren’t run by the love of Carl’s life.

      At first the stammering cad lies about his hot and heavy resumé with Robyn, with slinky Emmanuelle Chriqui providing what passes for star power here. When Carl finally comes clean, his miffed missus starts showing more interest in a young French actor (Aliocha Schneider) accompanied on this snowbound weekend by his mother (Quebec veteran Anne-Marie Cadieux), who’s more attentive than seems right.

      Adding to the “fun” are Carl’s Eve Arden–like work buddy (Being Erica’s Reagan Pasternak) and her heavily tattooed boyfriend (Jonathan Cherry). They likewise trade insults instead of endearments, and the guys talk about peeing whenever they run out of other things to say, which is often. Everyone has trendy media jobs, but these have no bearing on their personalities—basically those of small, confused children imitating adults by swearing and initiating sexual situations they can’t possibly complete.

      The nicely shot movie’s a technical step forward from actor turned writer-director Pat Kiely’s haphazard Who Is KK Downey?. But is it really progress when your movie has been cobbled together from similar stuff already done better everywhere else?