Banana travels a hard road to happiness

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      Banana (Italy)  

      The name Banana may refer to the bumbling Giovanni’s fruit-shaped foot—which, unsurprisingly, doesn’t lend itself well to afterschool soccer matches. In its plural form, however, the word could very well describe the lengths to which the preteen goes to in order to win the affections of his indifferent, goth-punk crush, Jessica.

      Though his efforts are mostly inept, it’s easy to root for Banana as he stumbles through life following the principles of his favourite soccer team: with passion, determination, and an unwavering confidence in the face of any obstacle.

      His hilariously out-of-touch parents, struggling sister, and cold-hearted cynic of a teacher offer subplots of their own—some more entertaining than others—but it’s Banana who understands best that the road to happiness is never without a few risks and mistakes.

      Saturday at the Cinematheque (November 28) .