DOXA 2014 review: A Brony Tale

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      What kind of grown man devotes a large chunk of his leisure time to following a TV cartoon series aimed at little girls?

      Brent Hodge’s documentary about fans of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic suggests that there is no such thing as a typical “brony”; the subjects here include a sensitive Iraq War veteran and a burly motorcycle mechanic.

      A connecting thread is provided by Vancouver-based voice actor Ashleigh Ball (whose repertoire includes Rainbow Dash and Applejack) as she travels to her first brony convention in New York City. At first she’s bewildered by the phenomenon, but by the end Ball (who also sings for local indie-pop band Hey Ocean!) is touched by the realization that she’s an integral part of something much larger than a kiddie show.

      Vancity, May 11 (7 p.m.); Playhouse, May 11 (8 p.m.)