Deadpool film production injects over $40 million into B.C. economy

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      The Merc with the Mouth may have destroyed much of Vancouver—but there's a financial benefit to all that destruction and hyper-violence.

      While Vancouverites may be pleased to see Deadpool stars hometown star Ryan Reynolds, the production also boosted the British Columbian economy with millions of dollars worth of expenditures.

      The film, which opens today (February 12), spent 58 days filming in B.C. Over that time period, the Twenty Century Fox production spent over $40 million, and hired over 2,000 local cast, crew, and extras who earned over $19 million in wages.

      The Motion Picture Association of Canada released economic data today (February 12), and detailed the expenditures as including over $1 million on location costs; almost $815,000 on hotels ($390,000), catering, and restaurants; over $735,000 on construction; almost $780,000 on transportation, including truck and car rentals; and over $400,000 on wardrobe.

      “The figures released today demonstrate just how many local workers, jobs, and businesses benefit from a single production, and why the industry is such a critical part of B.C.’s growing creative economy,” Motion Picture Association-Canada president Wendy Noss stated in a news release.

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