DOXA 2014 review: Rohmer in Paris

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      If you aren’t already a fan of French New Wave filmmaker Éric Rohmer, Richard Misek’s documentary Rohmer in Paris is sure to inspire you to view the director’s prolific catalogue.

      The film is pieced together almost entirely with clips from Rohmer’s films, with a focus on the furtive glances between his characters on the streets of the Latin Quarter. But Misek’s work is as much an homage to Rohmer and his love for Paris as it is a description of the director’s own fascination with the New Wave figure.

      From the beginning of the documentary, Misek puts himself into the story by pointing out an accidental cameo he had in one of Rohmer’s films (Les Rendez-vous de Paris). This realization led him to repeated viewings of each of the director’s works, which he then illustrates through a montage of characters entering and exiting doorways and Metro stations, and the “silent network of looks” between subjects.

      Vancity Theatre, May 4 (7:30 p.m.)