DOXA 2014 review: The Case Against 8

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      Who could have seen this one coming: conservative Ted Olson joining forces with David Boies, who were opposing counsels in the Bush v. Gore Supreme Court case, to fight for same-sex marriage in California?

      This powerful documentary chronicles the battle staged against Proposition 8 when two same-sex couples launched an all-consuming lawsuit that would make history.

      During the slow-burn build-up (which includes facing criticism from both opposition and LGBT activists) to the emotional courtroom showdown, among the film's many strengths is its ability to elucidate complex issues, such as how same-sex marriage unexpectedly transformed into a conservative cause.

      A great primer on the crux of the marriage-equality debate in the U.S. 

      Cinematheque, May 3 (12 p.m.) and May 7 (8:30 p.m.)