DOXA 2016 review: The League of Exotique Dancers


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      “Feminism was about not trading your soul and your pussy for a wedding ring.” That’s one of the many fine bon mots we hear from Judith Stein—the Grand Beaver of Canadian Burlesque, Nelson resident, power senior—in this breathlessly entertaining visit with some of the legends of bump and grind.

      The cigarillo-chomping Stein is joined by an array of frank-talking Hall of Famers, seen in their homes, including the disarmingly sweet Toni Elling (who inspired Duke Ellington’s “Satin Doll”), proudly elegant Marinka, and ever abundant Kitten Natividad, whose legendary mirrored box isn’t what you think it is, but you should see it anyway.

      Utterly at home in their post-retirement bodies, these ferociously wise old ladies provide Rama Rau’s beautifully made doc with a climactic stage performance that’s as unexpectedly sexy as it is moving.


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