DOXA 2016 review: My Love Affair with the Brain


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      Dr. Marian Diamond keeps a preserved human brain in a delicate hatbox, eagerly uncovering the spongy organ for anyone who shows even the faintest of interest. And it is utterly fascinating.

      A revolutionary figure in modern neuroscience, Diamond is a rock star as seen through the lens of filmmakers Catherine Ryan and Gary Weimberg. Her groundbreaking studies are chronicled with care, offering a thoroughly inspiring crash-course in human anatomy that many academics still take for granted today.

      But even more captivating than the research is the woman herself: a subject of undying curiosity, charm, and an infectious zeal—even in the face of rampant sexism—which makes the answer to her question, “Don’t you just love the brain?”—ahem—a no-brainer. 


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