DOXA 2016 review: Pistol Shrimps


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      Even after seeing Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza convincing Jimmy Fallon of the Pistol Shrimps’ validity on late-night television, it’s hard to believe that the women’s recreational basketball team is real. And that’s no dig at filmmaker and homeboy Brent Hodge. (Though it does seem wildly convenient that the Shrimps are shooting through their best season yet during the doc’s filming.)

      Rather, the L.A.–based crew composed of actresses, musicians, comediennes, and even an astute entertainment lawyer are genuinely so committed to the game—and so supportive of one another’s endeavors off the court—that you have to see it to believe it.

      Don’t know a thing about basketball? Neither do the Shrimps—or more specifically, neither do their dedicated podcasters, who offer hilarious play-by-plays from the northwest corner of the gym. But Hodge delves into the lives of the league’s women with such spark that the points don’t really matter.


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