DOXA 2016 review: Trapped


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      Shot on the frontlines of the prochoice movement, Trapped is a disheartening reminder of why, in 2016, we so desperately need feminism.

      Filmmaker Dawn Porter walks viewers through the workings of women’s health and abortion clinics throughout Texas, Mississippi, and Alabama, illuminating in grave detail the struggles that plague physicians and medical staff due to laws designed solely to attack women’s reproductive rights.

      These scenes are interspersed with heartbreaking patient interviews, footage from legislative meetings, and glimpses of prolife rallies, where it becomes depressingly clear that the freedoms and safety of women continue to be dictated by men.

      The result is a disconcerting—and absolutely eye-opening—examination of the sorry state of women’s rights south of the border, an issue made no less concerning by similar conditions that persist around the globe.


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