DOXA 2016 review: A Matter of Time


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      Indie darling Kathryn Calder is the focal point of A Matter of Time, in which director Casey Cohen chronicles one of the greatest, and most traumatizing, periods of her life. Just as the Victoria-based keyboardist’s career was taking off with the New Pornographers, her mother was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis—known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

      Calder would move back to her childhood home in Victoria to help care for her mother, recording her excellent solo album Are You My Mother? during the difficult process. Interviews with local DIY royalty (Carl Newman, John Collins, Kurt Dahle) are mixed in with ALS medical experts and beautifully animated transitions which move the story along, all of this shedding light on Calder’s strength and selfless devotion to the woman who raised her.

      The great triumph of the beautifully shot A Matter of Time is that, by the end, it’s turned something awful into something life-affirmingly positive, with the singer handling everything thrown at her with grace, resolve, and courage.