VIFF 2014: Trespassing Bergman rewards fans

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      Trespassing Bergman (Sweden/France)

      Lovers of Ingmar Bergman and cinema in general cannot afford to miss this highly entertaining look at the late Swedish master’s continuing impact on further generations of filmmakers. These are represented by some—including John Landis, Claire Denis (the sole female director here), and, most charmingly, Michael Haneke—who venture to Bergman’s hidden lair on Fåro Island and explore his chilly, midcentury-modern chambers. (His film library includes Italian slasher flicks and the odd Die Hard, on VHS.)

      Stay-at-home commentators include Woody Allen, of course, plus Francis Ford Coppola, a supergeeky Wes Anderson, and the endlessly amusing, if slightly bitter, Lars von Trier.

      Vancity, September 25 (10 a.m.); International Village, October 1 (10:30 a.m.); SFU, October 5 (9 p.m.)