VIFF 2014: The Princess of France is clever in a smart-ass way

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      The Princess of France (Argentina)  

      The theatre life is deconstructed, or maybe just bashed a little around the edges, in Matías Piñeiro’s doggedly weird but mercifully brief experiment in fractured storytelling. While working on a Shakespeare comedy for non-profit radio in Buenos Aires, a decidedly uncharismatic director gets involved with a multiplicity of actresses, all fairly charmless in their own special ways. Events (sort of) unfold and then are told again from (slightly) different angles. It’s clever in a smart-ass way but not enough to stick with you.

      International Village, September 26 (6:30) and 27 (1:45 p.m.) 



      Feb 25, 2015 at 8:56pm