VIFF 2014: White Bird in a Blizzard is a bit of a mess

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      White Bird in a Blizzard (USA)  

      What the hell happened to Gregg Araki? From this tone-deaf disaster of a movie, you’d never believe that this is the veteran maker of small masterpieces like Mysterious Skin. Fans of The Fault In Our Stars may be surprised to find Shailene Woodley wandering through this amateurish mess as an anxious teen recalling the sudden disappearance of her mentally unstable mother (Eva Green), while her mustachioed dad (Christopher Meloni) looks on meekly. With its embarrassing fantasy scenes, relentlessly obvious narration, and gimmicky cameos, this flightless Bird is almost a parody of indie coming-of-age flicks. Almost.

      International Village, September 26 (9:30 p.m.), and 28 (1 p.m.)