VIFF 2014: Advanced Style has plenty of character

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      Advanced Style (USA)  

      This breezy doc zeroes in on some of the most colourful subjects from street photographer Ari Seth Cohen’s blog—a site that’s almost single-handedly made it chic to be old; he’s a kind of Bill Cunningham for the Geritol set. One cultural commentator calls the site subversive and “punk rock” in a fashion industry that worships youth. Outsized personalities in their 60s to 90s, these New York eccentrics still dress to kill, whether they’re thrifting to do it or raiding their personal collection of Chanel purses. There’s more than enough character to fill the film and a bit of pathos too, as some face the loneliness and physical distresses that come with aging. When Lanvin and Ricki Lake start calling due to their new fame on the blog, you’ll want to cheer.

      International Village, October 3 (1:15 p.m.); Playhouse, October 5 (7 p.m.)  

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