VIFF 2014: The haunting The Boy From Geita sheds much-needed light

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      The Boy From Geita (Canada)  

      Local filmmaker Vic Sarin follows up his documentary Hue: A Matter of Colour, about discrimination based on skin tone, by taking a deep, more haunting look at how albino Tanzanians not only face prejudice but are hunted down for body parts to be sold to witch doctors due to superstitious beliefs. Canadian businessman Peter Ash, who is albino, brings Adam, an albino Tanzanian who suffers a machete attack, to Vancouver for surgery. While there’s plenty of room left to explore why this problem persists, this documentary sheds much-needed and humanitarian light on an overlooked issue.

      SFU, September 28 (6:30 p.m.); International Village, October 4 (1:15 p.m.); Cinematheque, October 9 (10 a.m.) 

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