VIFF 2014: Come to My Voice is an unexpected gem

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      Come to My Voice (Turkey/France/Germany)  

      Stories within stories within stories set the tone for this mesmerizing fable of residents in a Kurdish mountain town being hassled by a Turkish officer who holds local men hostage in exchange for weapons that don’t exist. The efforts that elderly womenfolk must undertake to find guns they don’t want offer wry commentary on how otherwise peaceful people get militarized. But beyond all that, the way oral history is passed—especially by three blind bards who keep showing up in the overlapping sagas—makes this one of the most unexpected delights of the fest.

      SFU, September 28 (1:30 p.m.); Cinematheque, October 4 (6:45 p.m.); Vancity, October 6 (10 a.m.)