VIFF 2014: Fish & Cat is a technical wonder

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      Fish & Cat (Iran)  

      A picaresque adventure that’s part Slacker, part Saragossa Manuscript, with every third horror movie thrown in. It’s also a technical marvel, with a single tracking shot lasting more than two hours and the story handed from character to passing character, sometimes casually, often with portents that might or might not pay off. It takes as its premise the true case of a rural restaurant shut down in 1998 for serving human meat, and it moves on from this creepy-looking place to follow people through the woods to a lakeside camping area, where young people are convening for a kite-flying contest. Every sort of Blair Witch trope is raised, only to be thwarted in a nose-thumbing exercise in meta-cinema that will tickle some and frustrate others.

      Cinematheque, September 26 (9 p.m.) and October 7 (8:45 p.m.); International Village, October 2 (11:15 a.m.)