VIFF 2014: Flowing Stories lovingly documents a disappearing world

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      Flowing Stories (France/Hong Kong)  

      Granny Lau knows all the old folks songs common to Ho Chung village, in the New Territories near Hong Kong, and if she doesn’t, she’ll make one up on the spot. Good thing, because the hardy (and very hard) life known to farmers and fisherfolk who grew up there has been obliterated by time and creeping urbanization. Hong Kong director Tsang Tsui Shan (Lovers On the Road) lovingly documents the few who stayed behind as well as the many who went to Europe in the ‘60s, looking for work, but whom return every 10 years for a Dragon Festival that reminds them of all that was left behind.

      Vancity, September 28 (6:30 p.m.); International Village, September 30 (12 p.m.)