VIFF 2014: Reel Youth Film Festival offers next-generation talent

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      Reel Youth Film Festival (International)  

      It’s worth taking time out from more polished efforts to see where next-generation talent is coming from. Many of these 27 short-shorts are PSA-like efforts from Canada—about bullying and homophobia, especially—with several sponsored by the United Way. But others, some in Spanish and Portuguese, cast a wider net. Not all are issue-oriented: there’s a visit with Canada’s first black quarterback, now 83. Stop-motion animation from Quebec’s Allison Coon-Come (of the First Nations-based Wapikoni Mobile collective) is more than charming. And most fun of all is a child’s playful wander through his Bengali home town, wielding a hand-cranked, if imaginary, camera.

      Cinematheque, September 29 (1 p.m.) and October 5 (9:30 p.m.)